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Professional Sound Cards

 Komplete Audio 6   Audio 2 DJ

Why Professional Sound Cards?

When using a computer to play music with a very powerful professional sound system, a Professional Sound Card is Vital. Many DJ's use the computer's internal sound card via a headphone plug. The typical "consumer-grade" computer soundcard is intended for home and office purposes, with an emphasis on casual use, rather than the needs of Audio Professionals. IPhone, IPad, and IPod soundcards are just the same. Consumer soundcards are also limited in the effective sampling rates and bit depths they can actually manage. At LakeDJ Entertainment we know a Professional Sound Card is Vital for a quality performance, so that's all we use.


The Komplete Audio 6 is a premium-quality 6-channel Professional Sound Card. It provides everything a DJ need to record, play and perform music, with MIDI and low-latency performance. The Komplete Audio 6 is a high-gain Professional Sound Card for DJs who demand premium sound quality and extra-loud output


The Audio 2 DJ is a high quality, ultra-mobile Professional Sound Card for digital DJs using DJing software. The Audio 2 DJ is designed for DJs who want ultra-reliability with no compromise on audio quality. Even though it's the smallest DJ USB Professional Sound Card in the world, it still has enough punch to rock the world's biggest clubs. For Lake DJ Entertainment the Audio 2 DJ is our back-up sound card for Komplete Audio 6